Wound Care Certification Exam for Physicians in Wound Medicine and Surgery


Applications for the Wound Care Certification Exam are due May and November each year and testing occurs the months of June and December each year.

What is the Wound Care Certification Exam?

The ABWMS Wound Care Certification Exam is a secure and verified exam that contains 200 multiple-choice questions covering advanced wound care concepts.
It’s a 3.5-hour, computer-based exam with no breaks allowed. Every question is carefully put together to assess your complete understanding of wound science, treatment methods, patient risk factors, and much more. In simple words, you need to thoroughly prepare for this exam

The exam takes place only at approved testing locations across the U.S. and Canada for limited times each year. No rescheduling or make-up dates are allowed. In case you miss a specific exam opportunity, you’ll have to wait until the next exam.

Demonstrate Your Expertise

The Wound Care Certification Exam can distinguish you as an expert in this field. It also demonstrates your commitment to the advancement of wound care medicine. Together, we can improve the lives of patients in the United States and Canada who need certified wound care specialists to provide medical care and surgery for their wounds.

About the Wound Care Exam


200 multiple-choice questions

3.5 hours to complete

Wound Care Certification Exam Process for Physicians

ABWMS partners with the testing firm Professional Testing Corporation (PTC) to create and administer the Certification Examination for Physicians in Wound Medicine and Surgery. We offer several testing windows per year.

Wound Care Certification Exam

Eligibility Requirements & Exam Fees

To sit for the wound care certification exam, candidates must meet the following eligibility requirements by the application deadline:

  • Licensed physician in the United States or Canada
  • Application attachment: Copy of Current License
  • Board eligible or certified by an appropriate medical board
    • Ex: American board of Medical Specialities (ABMS)
      American Osteopathic Association (AOA)
    • *If certified by another board, call our office to verify it fulfills this requirement.
  • Application attachment: Eligibility documentation or copy of certification

Fulfillment of one of the following:

  1. 3+ years of wound care experience in an active practice. Experience must be documented by the institution’s Medical Director, Chief of Staff, or Chief Clinical Officer.
    • Application Attachment: Support letter on official letterhead
  2. Current enrollment in or completion of an ABMS or AOA-approved training program along with completion of the dedicated one-year wound medicine and surgery fellowship. Completion must be documented by the fellowship director.
    • Application Attachment: Enrollment paperwork or certificate of completion of training program, completion verification of wound care fellowship on official letterhead

Completed application for the Certification Examination for Physicians in Wound Medicine and Surgery

Required, non-refundable exam fee

What’s on the Exam?

The Certification Examination for Physicians in Wound Medicine and Surgery will be approximately weighted in the following manner:

Basic Wound Science
Clinical and Diagnostic Evaluation
Risk Factors
Wound Etiology
Practice Management

Our candidate handbook contains information about each of these test sections and includes practice questions. You can also learn about testing conditions, accommodations, and more from the handbook.