Excellence in Wound Care Certification

The American Board of Wound Medicine and Surgery (ABWMS) is proud to set the standard for wound care medicine and surgery. We are committed to improving wound care certification programs throughout the United States and Canada. Doctors who earn our wound care board certification demonstrate their commitment to the same cause. We are an independent, nonprofit organization with a clear objective: to promote and recognize excellence in the care of patients with wounds.




Applications are due May and November each year and testing occurs the months of June and December each year.

Eligibility Requirements & Exam Fees

To sit for the wound care certification exam, candidates must meet the following eligibility requirements by the application deadline:
  • Licensed physician in the United States or Canada
  • Application attachment: Copy of Current License
  • Board eligible or certified by an appropriate medical board
    1. Ex: American board of Medical Specialities (ABMS) American Osteopathic Association (AOA)
    2. *If certified by another board, call our office to verify it fulfills this requirement.
  • Application attachment: Eligibility documentation or copy of certification
  • 3+ years of wound care experience in an active practice. Experience must be documented by the institution’s Medical Director, Chief of Staff, or Chief Clinical Officer.
  • Current enrollment in or completion of an ABMS or AOA-approved training program along with completion of the dedicated one-year wound medicine and surgery fellowship. Completion must be documented by the fellowship director.
  • Application Attachment: Enrollment paperwork or certificate of completion of training program, completion verification of wound care fellowship on official letterhead
  • Required, non-refundable exam fee


200 multiple-choice questions

3.5 hours to complete

Join us on the front line of wound care. ABWMS is a growing organization that is expanding the frontiers of medicine. By earning this prestigious wound care board certification, you can advance both your career and the field of wound care.

We offer several testing dates per year for licensed physicians in the United States and Canada, robust learning materials to prepare you for success, and an application process that ensures that those who earn wound care certificates meet the highest standards of wound care.

Our Commission of Wound Care Fellowship Program Directors are actively working with our diplomates to develop fellowship opportunities. This work is critical for our mission. Let’s work together to advance wound care medicine.

Our Foundation for the Advancement of Wound Care (FAWC) promotes diversity and excellence in the wound care field. Tax-deductible donations support a wide array of wound care educational opportunities.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the overall quality of health care by offering wound care board certification for physicians in Wound Medicine and Surgery to those in the United States and Canada. The ABWMS wound certification is available to those physicians who demonstrate appropriate prerequisite qualifications, the necessary knowledge base, and a demonstrated commitment to the care and management of wounds.

About Wound Care Board Certification in Wound Medicine and Surgery​

To qualify for the ABWMS wound care certification exam, you must hold an active physician license in the United States or Canada. You must also:

  • Be certified or board eligible by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) or American Osteopathic Association (AOA).
    Demonstrate three years of experience in active practice wound care.
  • Alternatively, candidates can complete an ABMS- or AOA-approved training program and one year of a relevant wound care fellowship program.


If you meet these requirements, you can complete the application and pay the required fee. Learn more about the documentation needed and other requirements.

ABWMS certification means that a physician has met strict standards for excellence in wound care. These doctors have demonstrated specialized knowledge in the area of wound care medicine and surgery. ABWMS board-certified doctors have also proven their commitment to patients with wounds and to the advancement of wound care medicine.

First, please review the handbook thoroughly. Then, apply for your place in a testing cohort through our testing vendor, Professional Testing Corporation (PTC). You will receive an email from PTC to schedule your testing appointment. Next, take time to review testing materials and prepare for your exam. Finally, take your exam, pass, and join an elite group of wound care medicine and surgery specialists. Get Started Now!